Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The Other Side

I have heard many times over the years that someone would be in a good place once they had arrived on the "other side" of the dilemma that they were currently experiencing. Or that another who was on the "other side" of said dilemma could help the person currently suffering through it. I have used that thought myself as I was healing from my knee surgery. I repeatedly prayed to be on the "other side" of my recovery. Funny how it was so painful but in a few short weeks, I was back to normal activity. So I suppose I could say I am nearing the "other side" of the knee surgery.

On a different note, I have heard of many who feel they can now breath a sigh of relief that the name of Jesus was boldly spoken during the inaugural events of late. Almost a feeling of being on the "other side" of the intolerance of anything having to do with Christ. It was refreshing to hear the Battle Hymn of the Republic and America the Beautiful give glory to God in the changing of the country's leadership. But are we on the other side?

Shall we become comfortable again? Shall we think we have forever to display Christ to the world? I believe we have been given a window of time to be who we have been called to be. I believe it could close as quickly as it opened. We will only be on the "other side" when we are face to face with Jesus.

So what does that mean?
I believe it means that we should be faithful to be in God's Word. Both by the literal reading and the actual living out of it. To understand that hell is real and eternal and to care that we have a call to those around us. Not to beat them with words or pompous phrases but to care for them like Christ cares for them. To walk through whatever door He opens. To be able to communicate the hope that we have.

A few weeks ago a family was in front of me in the store. They were short and had to put a couple of items back. I felt sad but I didn't have and rarely ever have cash.  It simply did not occur to me until I got home that I could have added those items to my bill, I just did not think until it was too late. I pray God prompts me to think faster. I pray that I become more aware of my surroundings.
I pray to be on the "other side" of myself and step into God's will every time.      

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Panic Time

I have a minor surgery scheduled for next week. The pre-op is tomorrow. I have had this scheduled for several months. Yesterday I got a simple email from the surgeon's secretary. It read simply, " Can you give me your current weight? I have your BMI at 44.85 and it needs to be closer to 40."
So to say I was shocked, panicked, and totally freaked out is accurate. I curtly replied to her that, " I can't lose 28 pounds in a week. Why am I just hearing this? The Doctor knew my weight months ago! A lot fatter people than me have had this surgery!"
I fumed to myself that the insurance was probably trying to stall so they could get more deductible applied to it. I was livid, scared and ready to self-amputate to rid myself of the pain.
To put it mildly, I was terrified.
Then sanity kicked in. I decided to see what my BMI was. So, I pulled up a site and put in my age weight and height. Result 28.7 still fat but definitely not morbidly obese. I checked another 28.7, then another 28.7. I sent her each of these. Embarrassed to admit in three emails.
I got an email this morning. Someone had put my height in at 4 instead of 5 foot.
All that for a typo.
All is back on schedule. I forgive them and I hope they accept my apology.  

And yet... we are here

And here we are. The sun shines, the earth revolves, the supermoon occurred.
God is still on His throne.
Which leads me to address: In all of the commentaries of those who love Hillary or those who love Trump, I heard one voice that actually took objection to those of us who said God is in control.
I would have to think that they thought we meant that God was a fan of Donald Trump, and he may or may not be. After all, David was a man after his heart and he was far from sinless.
What we or at least I meant is that God's ultimate plan will not be thwarted. Evil may win for a season but it will not triumph. When I say God is in control, I am not being fatalistic. I do not mean to say that whatever happens was meant to be. What I do mean is that God is the one who allows.
To oversimplify, he allows things that go against him. If we only knew why that would be great but we do not. We do know that whatever evil is imparted will ultimately betray itself and end up landing right in the middle of God's final plan. So to struggle against or deny God cannot succeed in the end. So take heed      

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Tonight's the Night

Tonight is the night. We will be told by the big electronic box in our living room who God has placed in the position of President of the United States of America. Many will be waiting with bated breath to see if there is hope of if we are doomed.

May I offer another scenario.
Let's think for a minute. Where is our hope?
Most of us live around 80 years. That means that I am closer to the finish line than to the start. Many will finish early. If today was your final day. If you were on the last page of life what would it all mean? I know many will say that is not a realistic view and maybe they are right. But what if you are in the middle of your book....there are still only so many pages. How do you want it to read?

Do you want to be worried, in despair, depressed or fearful? Angry or ready to revolt?
Do you want joy, the enjoyment of family and friends, laughter and peace?
In my view that it is up to us, whether one is rich or poor, whether one has a cupboard full of food or lives hand to mouth. One may live in a mansion or a camper. Contentment is our choice. I have seen mission trip pictures of children laughing and exuding joy who have nothing.
So the joy comes from within, not from our outward circumstances.
It takes a new focus.

It takes asking different questions.
How should my life be spent? What call do I heed? What message do I bring? What do I do today? What can I give? How can I show love and concern?

Jesus died for us. He freed us from sin and death. We are in but not of this world. Once we do not fear death there is nothing to fear. We are his. When we acknowledge that he is Lord we ask instead how do I fit in his plan. For what do we live. Often he doesn't give us a  life map but we learn moment by moment. We stay focused on his words and watch. Then moment by moment we begin to see a thing to do or a person to laugh with or a word to say. As Elizabeth Elliot says we "do the next thing".

So rather than get caught up in the worries of tomorrow lets commit to the best we can be today, now, this second and let tomorrow worry for itself.


Friday, November 4, 2016


I was listening to a respected seminary professor and pastor/teacher concerning the relationship between the church and government. In one segment he said that once a government declares itself to be no longer under God that it becomes demonized. I wonder if our President and one of the presidential candidates refusing to say "under God" and removing "God" from all government documents and landmarks is an attempt at doing that very thing.

It seems to me that our society is becoming less concerned about the will of God and more concerned about our own perceptions of right and wrong as Scriptures say we have and will until the end of days.

It is a heart break to see what used to be churches adopting views that are contrary to God's word.
It disturbs me that we think we are more compassionate than the creator and that he no longer hates evil. We still have our own view of right and wrong but reject his.
That defines us as gods in our own minds.

Watching the process of this particular election; Looking at what is accepted and what is not; Hearing the words used to make points; Seeing the divisiveness and corruption of the process is definitive of a society gone awry.

God help us. We were born for such a time as this. Let those of us who name the name of Jesus keep our ear to His heart and choose this day whom we shall serve.
I will serve the LORD. I pray he keeps me faithful until the end.  

Saturday, August 20, 2016

I issued myself a cease and desist order from watching the election marathon.This gifted me more time to think. Over the years, political corruption has grown to mammoth proportions on both sides of the aisle. How did we get there? Where is the valiant warrior? Who will save us? Why? Why? Why? is the common outcry. With hands wringing and the brows expressing worry we watch. But I ask how did it get here? When did it all begin?
Was it when we lied the first time to get out of a jam and then explained our actions as acceptable? Was it when we took office supplies or made copies for personal use with the company supplies or shut down 15 minutes before we were off the clock? Was it when we gossipped about others rather than going to them to settle whatever our issues were? Was it when we disrespected parents rather than loving and bearing their shortfalls as they did ours. Was it when we did not honor and respect our husbands or love our wives? Was it when we refused to forgive? Was it when we felt above another? Was it when we let anger abuse another? Was it when we decided to dislike an entire segment of the population due to the actions of some? Was it when we let teen magazines tell us a simple solution to our pregnancy that could make it all go away? Was it when we blamed other for our bad actions? How many years did the excuses work before we fell in deep repentance about how evil we had become? Or are we still making them? Are we still doing those things and maybe more and perhaps worse?
When did we decide it was ok to kill steal and destroy for our own gain, pleasure, escape or elevation?
Was it when we decided that God should fit our mold? When did we decide the creator of all was an offense and should be renamed, reidentified or reconfigured into a warped view of what we want him to be. Is God subject to our thoughts, to what we want to be okay or not okay? When did the creator of all become subject to us?.
Do we seek God? Or do we simply pray for peace, wellness, and prosperity? Do we care what he says or are we content to tell him what we want?
I believe the government officials are sadly a reflection of us. They are a magnified view of us.
Search me, Oh God, and know my heart! Try me and know my thoughts! And see if there be any grievous way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting!
Judges17:6 Proverbs 16:25 Psalm 139:23,24

Monday, August 1, 2016


Property Site: http://tour.kwnewtampa.com//home/9586KQ/4622-US-HIGHWAY-19-NEW-PORT-RICHEY-FL-T2829229
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Bathrooms: 0.00
Square feet: 2,336
Price: $329,000

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