Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The Other Side

I have heard many times over the years that someone would be in a good place once they had arrived on the "other side" of the dilemma that they were currently experiencing. Or that another who was on the "other side" of said dilemma could help the person currently suffering through it. I have used that thought myself as I was healing from my knee surgery. I repeatedly prayed to be on the "other side" of my recovery. Funny how it was so painful but in a few short weeks, I was back to normal activity. So I suppose I could say I am nearing the "other side" of the knee surgery.

On a different note, I have heard of many who feel they can now breath a sigh of relief that the name of Jesus was boldly spoken during the inaugural events of late. Almost a feeling of being on the "other side" of the intolerance of anything having to do with Christ. It was refreshing to hear the Battle Hymn of the Republic and America the Beautiful give glory to God in the changing of the country's leadership. But are we on the other side?

Shall we become comfortable again? Shall we think we have forever to display Christ to the world? I believe we have been given a window of time to be who we have been called to be. I believe it could close as quickly as it opened. We will only be on the "other side" when we are face to face with Jesus.

So what does that mean?
I believe it means that we should be faithful to be in God's Word. Both by the literal reading and the actual living out of it. To understand that hell is real and eternal and to care that we have a call to those around us. Not to beat them with words or pompous phrases but to care for them like Christ cares for them. To walk through whatever door He opens. To be able to communicate the hope that we have.

A few weeks ago a family was in front of me in the store. They were short and had to put a couple of items back. I felt sad but I didn't have and rarely ever have cash.  It simply did not occur to me until I got home that I could have added those items to my bill, I just did not think until it was too late. I pray God prompts me to think faster. I pray that I become more aware of my surroundings.
I pray to be on the "other side" of myself and step into God's will every time.      

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